The traditional way to start converting an idea into something real is to "get it down on paper".  Unfortunately, the traditional drawing boards and T-squares are hard to find.  However, the traditional aids to inspiration are still produced locally.



Many of you out there will have lots of hand tools, like green, hand-cranked (non-electric), drilling machines, so we don't need to cover those here.  We ought to mention, though, that hacker/makers are very keen on health and safety and anyone not heeding rules or ignoring advice from those who have done it before will need to find their own makerspace.

For example, the image below is an innocuous looking mould for casting lead cylinders.  Anyone who tries this process and does not take the advice to ensure that the mould is dry before pouring the molten lead is likely to be met with a vertical jet of lead solidifying on his safety visor.  

Be advised!!, your fellow hacker/makers will be really tough on health and safety..........!!!

lead casting mould





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