It is not very productive to tell other people (with the money...) that you have a really good idea and, worse still, to keep on telling them the same thing!.  You will have a LOT more fun doing it with your friends.   Don't think that you can't do it yourselves because you need machinery (for example - a computer controlled machine tool).  You can build a simple machine from (mostly) industrial waste and even domestic rubbish.

The machine below was made from bits of an old greenhouse, some plumbing fittings from a washing machine and an old bath, a vacuum cleaner, home-made electronics and a BBC Master computer.  It has "happily" and reliably, produced wing ribs and other parts for many model aircraft over the last twenty years and is still working.... Good old British techology (Acorn)!

However, "the means of production" are truly coming into "the hands of the people".   With the advent of 3D printers and in particular "Open Source" designs, a makerspace group can put one together for low cost.  Then (the beauty of it is....) the new machine can be used to make many of the parts needed to make other machines and these machines can make more parts.....






Welcome to the RepRap machine.   RepRap is the generic term for a range of computer controlled 3D printers all named after biologists.  This is what a Prusa Mendel V2 machine looks like as a SketchUp model.   You MUST visit the site to get the full info about this amazingly cost effective machine.





Image copyright Gary Hodgson

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