Diary and Meetings Programme for 2020:

Fri. 21st February  -  Annual General Meeting plus Focus Tables

Fri.  17th Jan.    Soldering Class and Focus Tables 



Fri. 20th Dec.       Soldering Class and Focus Tables
                             Design and Sale of 3D printed Christmas Decorations

Sat. 16th Nov.       "Think 3D - Print 3D", public event in the St. Giles Centre, Elgin

Fri.  15thNov.       Talk by Giles Huby of Copernicus Technology
                            Design and Sale of 3D printed Christmas Decorations, Focus Tables

Fri.  15th Nov.       Soldering Course

Fri.  18th Oct.      Soldering Class and Focus on 3D printer design and construction

Fri.  11th Oct.        Soldering class

Fri.  21st Sept.       "Open Doors Day" at AJ Engineering, Forres

Fri. 20th Sept.       Soldering and Focus Tables

Fri. 13th Sept.       Soldering Class     

Sat. 7th Sept.       PCB Manufacture

Fri.  16th Aug       2019 Soldering Class starts, Blog Spot and Focus Tables

Fri. 19th July         T-Exchange BBQ + Rockets (venue to be decided)

Fri. 21st June        Blog Spot - Arduino Course Kevin O'Connor plus Focus Tables

Sat. 15th June       Ender 3 Printer Upgrade Day - at FVC

Sat. 25th May        Filastruder Upgrade and Build Day

Fri. 17th May         Soldering Course Taster  With Richard Oakley & Focus Tables

Sat. 11th May        Inverness Science Festival - Family Day - Bught Park Leisure Centre

Sat 27th April         Filastruder Build Day - at FVC

Sat. 20th April        Ross-shire Science Festival

Fri. 19th April         Talk by Maarten De Vries on Music Synthesisers plus Focus Tables

Sat 6th April          Mendel 90 Rebuild Day - at FVC        

Sun. 24th March    Mendel 90 Strip Down - at FVC

Fri. 15th March      Standard spring meeting with project laden Focus Tables

Fri 15th Feb.          Seventh AGM and election of trustees - plus Topic Tables

Fri. 18th Jan.          FVC Blog Spot: Bill Graham

                                                       "SketchUp Tips" -  Usual Topic Tables



Fri. 21st Dec.      FVC Blog Spot: Richard Oakley -
                                                      "Build your own octocopter" and Topic Tables

Sat. 17th Nov.         Public event: "3Dprinters4U" FVC Burn's Room 10:00 - 16:00      

Fri. 16th Nov.         FVC Blog Spot: Mark Dammer -
                                            "Amateur Radio and low power communication"

Fri. 19th Oct.         FVC Blog Spot: Bill Graham - New opportunities, focus tables

Fri. 21st Sept.        FVC - Blog Spot : Claire Griffiths on Scratch

6 -12 Sept.            The Orkney International Science Festival - Kirkwall

Fri. 17th Aug.        Hands-on evening - Focus on Raspberry Pi - FVC meeting

Fri. 20th Jul.          Focus tables evening - FVC meeting

Sat. 30 Jun.           Piping at Forres Science Tent - Grant Park, Forres

Fri. 15 Jun.            Focus tables evening - FVC meeting

Fri. 8 Jun.              Forres Toun Mercat - The High Street, Forres

Thur. 7 Jun.            Moray STEM Showcase - Moray College

Sat. 5   May           Inverness Science Festival - Bught Park. Inverness

Fri. 15  May           Blog Spot - The Importance of Deconstruction - (tba) - FVC meeting

Sat. 21 Apr.           Ross-shire Science Festival - Strathpeffer Community Centre

Fri. 20  Apr            Blog Spot - Introducing 3D Printing - Les Grosvenor - FVC meeting

Fri. 16  Mar.           Blog Spot - How to get a Raspberry Pi to talk - Bill Graham - FVC meeting

Sat. 10 Mar.           The UK Year of Engineering and British Science Week
                             Also, Visit Scotland - The Year of Young People
                                   Creativity - The Art of Engineering - Findhorn Village Centre 10am-4pm

Fri. 16th Feb.         6th Annual General Meeting - FVC meeting

Fri. 19th Jan.         Usual Focus tables plus Marketing with Les Grosvenor - FVC meeting



Friday 15th December - "Christmas Sale" + Usual Focus Tables

Friday 17th November - "Raspberry Pies for All" - Mark Dammer

Friday 20th October - Usual Focus Tables

CANCELLED - Saturday 23rd September - "The T-Exchange Science and Ingenuity Fair" - Forres Tolbooth

Friday 15th Sept - "Introducing 3D Printing" - Les Grosvenor

Thursday 7th to Wednesday 13th - Taking part in "The Orkney Science Festival"

Friday 18th August - "Electronics for beginners 1" workshop + Usual Focus Tables

Friday 21st July - "3D Modelling with SketchUp" - Bill Graham

Friday 24th June - Taking part in "Piping at Forres" with AES Solar

Friday 16th June - Blog Spot Les Grosvenor "Update on Filastruder"
                            + Ivvet Modinou from the BSA + Usual Focus Tables

Friday 19th May - Workshop - "Electronics for Beginners Intro." Richard Oakley + Focus Tables

Saturday 29th April - Taking part in "The Inverness Science Festival" - Inverness

Friday 21st April - Blog Spot - Richard Oakley "Why Electronics?" + Usual Focus Tables

Saturday 18th March - Taking part in "The Ross-shire Science Festival" - Strathpeffer

Friday 17th March - "Will it?" An artisic anticipation video by Marion Normand + Usual Focus Tables

Friday 17th February - AGM (short) and our 5th Birthday Party (with cake) - Focus table on 2017

Friday 20th January -



Friday 16th December - Focus on Printing in 3D for Christmas - Starting Electronics 2
                                                                      and more SketchUp if you want it........

Friday 18th November - Focus tables on:
                  Starting Electronics, 3D Printing Opportunities and a SketchUp Hands-on - Session 2

Friday 21st October - Focus tables on 3D printing opportunities and a SketchUp hands-on

Friday 16th September - Focus Tables + Blog Spots

19th August - Focus Tables + Blog Spots

15th July - Focus Tables + Blog Spots

17th June - Focus Tables + Blog Spots

20th May - Focus Tables + Blog Spots

15th April - Focus Tables + Blog Spots

18th March - Focus Tables + Blog Spots

19th February - AGM and focus tables

15th January



18th December - Focus Tables + Blog Spots

20th November - Focus Tables + Blog Spot on SketchUp

16th October - Open Evening

26th September - Science and Ingenuity Fair.

18th September

21st August

17th July

19th June - Focus tables + Blog Spots

15th May - Focus tables + Blog Spots

17th April - Focus tables + Blog Spots

20th March - Focus tables + Blog Spots

20th February - Our AGM and Focus tables afterwards - Three cakes with three candles

16th January - Meeting - Focus Tables and Winter projects



19th December - Next Meeting - Focus tables and Electronics for Starters at 'Early Bird' Table

21st November - Meeting - Focus tables and getting winter projects underway

7th October - Meeting - The Usual Focus Tables

27th September - 'Science and Ingenuity' - Culture Day - Tolbooth, Forres   * Public event

19th September - Meeting - Checking out activities for Sat 27th September

15th August - Meeting _ The Usual Focus Tables

18th July - Meeting - The Usual Focus Tables

20th June - Meeting - Blog Spot on 3D printer developments and Focus Tables

 7th June - Horizon Scotland Fun Day  * Public event

16th May - Meeting - Blog Spot on Raspberry Pi and Focus tables

18th April - Meeting - Blog Spot on Raspberry Pi and Focus tables

21st March - Science and Engineering Week - Public Open Evening  * Public event

21st February - Annual General Meeting plus Focus tables

17th January - Meeting - Blog Spot on Arduino plus Focus tables



20th December - Meeting - Focus on Mendel90 and Raspberry Pi

15th November - Meeting - Blog Spot plus Focus and Jamboree tables

18th October - Meeting - Blog Spot plus Focus and Jamboree tables

20th September - Meeting - Blog Spot plus Focus and Jamboree tables

16th August - Focus Tables plus Jamboree and Blog Spot.

19th July - new Focus tables plus Blog Spot - Mark Dammer on Software Defined Radio

21st June -  Focus  on a Team Project plus  table-top sessions

17th May - "Blog Spot" + "Jamboree" table-top sessions

 19th April - Focus on "Go North" organic orchestra - plus a "Jamboree" table-top session 

15th March - Public OPEN EVENING - Focus on "Jamboree" table-top session

15th February - Focus on exploring wind machines - plus "Jamboree" tables - plus AGM.

18th January - Exploring, fabrics, plastics, wood, metals, adhesives and other materials



Fri 14th December - "Jamboree" table-top session

Fri 16th November - Table groups on four or five topics

Fri 19th October - Table groups on four or five topics

Fri  21st September - A Raspberry pi, pies and Python evening

Fri 17th August - Programming of a £3 Genie microcontroller and robot arm

Fri 20th July - Build a servo controller and learn about music synthesisers

Fri 15th June - Discussion on future topics

Fri 18th May - Solderless breadboards and introduction to logic chips

Fri 20th April - Introduction to LEDs and logic gates

Fri 16th March - Introduction to soldering and basic electronic components

Fri 24th February - Using Google SketchUp to prepare 3D models (laptop)


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