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The T-Exchange has a Member's Discussion Group at:

The group is a private GoogleGroup available for members to raise and discuss issues, and explore options and ideas for future activities.

If you are are a T-Exchange member and would like to join the group, click on the above link to access the group and receive an invitation to join the discussions.

Ideas Broadcast

If you have some good ideas you would like members (or the public) to think about, as well as posting to the GoogleGroup above you can also use the email address adding your thoughts as an attachment.
Note: Be aware!  Do not present your ideas for publishing on The T-Exchange Website (or any other website) if they contain any novel designs or technology that you may wish subsequently to protect by patenting.   If you do so you will loose any rights to a possible patent.   You should consider that information you submit will be treated as "Open Source" for anybody to use or develop.  Some idea examples follow below.

Open Source Ecology

Andrew Drumond posted information about the Open Source Ecology movement and the Global Village Construction Set, which are developing the idea that there are perhaps 40 key machines or processes that are funamental to civilisation.   There aim is to reduce these machines to their essential components, standardising these parts and minimising cost.  They aim to produce detailed manufacturing plans for the essential 'kit' parts so that any village could build any of the "essentials".

Andrew wonders if anyone in the T-Exchange could join with him in tackling one of the (starter) If you want to hear more click on the video cli links above or/and contact Andrew through our Forum

3D printer, FDM lathe and 2D router in one machine

One of the 40 key machines identified in the Open Source Ecology list is (surprise, surprise) a 3D printer.   Bill Graham, since his ageing Prusa machine is gradually disintegrating and showing its limitations, has conceived a more robust, multipurpose concept using as many standard parts as possible.   If you would like see the concept, as it stands at present, download this PDF file

Lazy people make the best inventors.

Witness the ancient Orcadian (not Howie) who, while dangling by a rope, collecting seagulls' eggs, from the Old Man of Hoy, in driving drizzle, in the middle of winter, is recorded in the Orkney anthology “In from the Cuithes” to have said...   “Sod this for a laugh!..... I'm off to raise chickens....!!”

Let's raise some chickens!!



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