Music and Sound

DV BenchMark II by Maarten de Vries. Created using SynthEdit and Knobman

There are a lot of existing thigs you can do with sound and music using only a computer (PC or Mac) and (optionally) some low cost hardware. here are some bits of information and links that may help you getting underway.


This document below contains a short description of the most common computer audio and music related topics. Essential reading if you are a beginner.

For free VST virtual analogue synthesizers, check out the following links:

A free VST Host application can be found here:

For a good list of freeware (and shareware) MIDI sequencers and audio recording software follow the link below:

To iprove your soundcard capability without buying a new one (see also the Introduction to MIDI, ASIO and VST), ASIO4ALL is the best way to go:


SynthEdit is a software aplication that allows you to computer based musical instruments and sound effects. You can play your own creations through a MIDI keyboard or directly from MIDI files. Or, you can indeed use it to create VST Plugins and then use it in audi and MIDI sequencing software. SynthEdit currently only works on PCs.

A quick start guide with some exercises for SynthEdit are included in the document below. Further information on SynthEdit, including a few basic how-to guides will be posted soon. In the meantime visit for more information.

A useful piece of software to make knobs for your synths is Knobman:

Here is a major gathering of SynthEdit users. Antything you need to know is here!

Finally, some examples of commercial VST Plugins made with SynthEdit



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