2015 meetings

May Meeting

Nick Scroggie statrted the meeting with a Blog Spot exploring how the T-Exchange might exploit the social media more effectively.   Currently, appart from the website, the T-Exchange has a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a GoogleGroup.  Tom McCallum and Bill Leslie regularly post to Facebook but other members only rarely.   Twitter is hardly used and, although quite a number of members use the GoogleGroup for suggestions and discussions, it is not very user friendly for sharing images and documents.  Nick proposed that we look at the new media that was on offer and see how some of it might better meet our needs.  Pinterest.com and Trello. com were explored a bit.   It was agreed that we should try out Nick's various suggestions and come back with some ideas.

The rest of the evening was heads-down with the older wiser heads listening to suggestions from the younger wiser heads while we all got on with our various project.   At that point, Howie decided to tackle the deconstrction of a very promising looking printer.  Click on the image below to see what happened next.


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