The T-Exchange Workshop Project

Funding Application - Supporting Information

In support of our application, this web page illustrates some of the activities for which a workshop is now required.

Our overall aim is community development through the better understanding of science, technology, art, mathematics and innovation.   We do this principally by:-

a) exploring these topics with our Members, Associates and the public who attend our monthly meetings.

b) running occasional workshops for all interested parties on particular subjects such as:
        Soldering and the construction of electronic circuits
        Introduction to various computer operating systems and languages such as Linux and Processing
        Deconstruction of domestic appliances
        Introduction to 3D computer modelling
        Introduction to 3D printing
        Possibilities for recycling waste plastic into fresh, reeled filament

c) attending local and regional science fairs to present developments in topics such as those described above.

d) Taking part in and contributing to artistic and cultural events in our locality, such as Forres Culture Day.

In order to keep our members up to date, we believe that "learning-by-doing" is essential and our monthly meetings are very much "hands-on".   We have already built two 3D printers and given new life to a scrapped industrial machine.  We have a novel high productivity printer under development, with ideas for other advanced designs.  We now need a workshop to site this equipment, tools and materials to permit continuous, collective progress.

The timber building that is the subject of this application will be sited at Marcassie Farm, Rafford, Forres.

The following images illustrate some of acheivements to date
























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